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Medical Services Provided

Regular Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Regular Obstetrical Ultrasounds

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NIPS (Harmony / Panorama/ MaterniT, Vistera, Anora)
blood draw on site
*out of pocket fees*

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Specialized maternal-fetal ultrasounds from dating/first trimester until the end of pregnancy

Obstetrics Icons

Fetal well-being surveillance including Biophysical Profile (BPP), fetal growth ultrasound, full fetal and maternal dopplers, and Non-Stress Test (NST) on site.


Personalized assessment in pregnancy for genetic disorders, pre-eclampsia, fetal growth, fetal anomalies, gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and more.

A happy family smiling as they learned they are pregnant with a new baby after having a 3d ultrasound in Edmonton.

There is a thousand ways to go home again.


Wellness Services Provided

Massage therapy

Massage therapy
Registered Massage Therapist

Clinical hypnotherapy

**On hold**

Clinical hypnotherapy & Neuro-linguistic Programming coaching



(And other holistic services)

Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis

Mindful Pose

Mindfulness coaching (small group and individual)

*Most medical services are covered by Provincial Alberta Healthcare / Requires a referral from your primary healthcare Provider

**some services might not be publicly insured and/or covered by third party – out of pocket fees may apply


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