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We are expanding & hiring!

We are a team of like-minded individuals with the common goal of providing the best care to women and their families. That means going the extra mile to serve our patients and clients so that they feel seen and heard!


The Milestones team is inclusive, diverse, passionate; the clinic’s space is a spa-like, with great amenities like coffee bar, spacious staff room, private lockers, staff massage chairs and privacy pods. Milestones is a hybrid medical and wellness clinic with both insured and uninsured services.


We offer competitive salaries and benefits, matching or going beyond market standards. We want every Milestones member to feel the same love and care that we offer our clientele!


We're looking for professionals with a passion for diagnostic imaging, women's health, and a holistic approach to wellness.

If this sounds like you, please send a cover letter and resume to

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