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Body Composition Analysis

Unlocking Your Body's Secrets


Take a deep dive into the intricacies of your body's composition, not just superficial metrics. Whether you're embarking on a health transformation or keenly mapping your fitness journey, body composition analysis empowers you with the data to understand, monitor, and leverage your body's metrics more effectively. With Milestones Diagnostics & Wellness's state-of-the-art InBody 570 machine, you can accurately gauge your metabolic and muscular health, bypassing the limitations of conventional methods and avoiding the radiation exposure of a Dexa Scan.

Why InBody 570 Stands Out

InBody 570 isn't just another medical device; it's a window to your body's inner world. Using advanced bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), it provides a safe, non-invasive full-body scan, offering insights far beyond conventional BMI measurements.


Every client receives a comprehensive printout detailing:

  • Standard metrics: Weight, BMI, body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, and water mass.

  • Deep insights: Visceral fat analysis, basal metabolic rate, and segmental analysis, highlighting muscle and fat distribution across body segments.

  • Special features: SMI index, invaluable for specialized clinical practices.

  • Tracking your journey: The device archives each scan, providing a visual representation of your progress over time.

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Affordable Insights

Experience a swift, non-invasive 15-minute session.


Single session: $35.00 + GST

Package of 4: $120 + GST

Getting Ready for the Scan

Prior to Testing

To ensure utmost accuracy:

  • Refrain from anything that can cause water retention, like strenuous exercise, alcohol consumption, saunas, showers, or applying lotions 12-24 hours before the scan.

  • Ensure adequate hydration the previous day, stand for 5 minutes prior, use the restroom beforehand, and avoid heavy clothing or metal objects (jewelry, watched, belts, etc.) If you're scanning during colder months, warm up first.


Precautionary Note

Due to the use of bioelectrical impedance, the following individuals should abstain:

  • Expecting mothers.

  • Those with life-sustaining implants like pacemakers.


Monitor, Adjust, Achieve

Keep tabs on your progress. With scans every 2-4 weeks, refine your health strategies based on real-time data to realize your fitness aspirations.

View an example InBody Result Sheet here.

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Step into the world of detailed body analytics and set your wellness journey on a path informed by precision.

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