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Mindfulness Mastery

Awaken to the Power of Now

Embarking on the journey of mindfulness is choosing to step into a realm of profound self-awareness and holistic growth. At its core, mindfulness isn't just an act, but a way of life—a conscious choice to engage with the present, sense the now, and harvest the vast benefits that come with intentional living.


The Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Fulfillment: Experience tranquility, focus, and the beauty of being present.

  • Insight: Dive deep within and understand the intricate workings of your personal "iOS."

  • Relief: Alleviate stress, ease emotional and physical discomforts.

  • Mastery: Harness mindfulness to transform behaviors and refine professional skills.

  • Connection: Cultivate meaningful relationships and embrace a spirit of compassion.

Wellness Coach
Dr. Marc-Antoine Landry, Director of Operations at Milestones Diagnostics & Wellness

About the Course

Course Structure

Each session is meticulously curated to ensure a holistic learning experience, with elements like Q&A from previous practices, introduction to new techniques, guided mindfulness practices, review & reporting, and suggestions for the upcoming week's life practices. Themes encompass a range of techniques from 'Feel Rest' for calmness to 'Auto Think' for understanding the cognitive process.

Your Mindfulness Maestro

Guiding you on this enlightening journey is Dr. Marc-Antoine Landry, a distinguished neonatologist based in Edmonton and a certified Unified Mindfulness teacher-trainer. An advocate of integrating mindfulness into medical and personal spheres, Dr. Landry’s teachings are rooted in science and shaped by his professional and personal experiences.

Why Choose Mindfulness?

Whether you wish to calm an overactive mind, manage stress, or enhance focus, this course offers a transformative experience. Past participants have reaped benefits ranging from stress reduction and enhanced clarity to improved emotional regulation and decision-making.

What past participants said:

The instructor creates a safe space, free from judgments. His expertise and supportive nature enriched my mindfulness practice.
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Ready for a transformative journey? Dive into mindfulness with us and embrace the power of now.

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