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Exam Instructions

What to expect at an appointment

For all appointments, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows for on-time check-in, filling forms, etc. Arriving late might prevent us from completing your scheduling appointment and you might have to reschedule.

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Ultrasound Appointment

  • Bring your Healthcare card and IDs.

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing like joggers/trousers with elastic waistband. If you choose to wear a dress, wearing undergarments will provide more coverage. We will be scanning your abdomen and pelvis and might offer you to do an internal/vaginal ultrasound too.

  • Remove any piercing from your abdomen.

  • You can bring ONE accompanying person in the ultrasound room. In some circumstances, up to 2 people can be accommodated.

  • You can watch the live ultrasound images on a TV while staying comfortably on the ultrasound bed. This TV can also be turned off at your request.

  • Baby pictures: we provide digital photos only, directly downloaded to your phone using a secure connection with the ultrasound machine. You may print them using the digital copies if desired.

  • Keep small children at home. Small children are distractions for our staff and yourself, and this could result in needing to rebook another appointment to complete the exam. In the event of emotional news on ultrasound, or the need for internal/endovaginal ultrasound, the presence of small children may compromise your own need for space and processing. Milestones staff members do not provide supervision for children in the clinic. This is a medical test, please refrain from bringing small children. 

  • Ultrasound appointments last between 30-60 minutes for single pregnancies, and more for twins, depending on the type of appointment. Please ask front desk about the duration of your appointment.

  • Biophysical profiles (BPP) are fetal well being ultrasounds that last about 30 min. It is possible that another 20-minute test called NST done on site be added to finalize the BPP score.

  • Except for dating ultrasound in first trimester, we do not require a full bladder. Please drink fluid normally before your appointment. For dating ultrasound, make sure to come with a reasonably full bladder (don’t empty before your appointment).

  • First Trimester Assessment and Pre-Eclampsia screening: this includes a 45 min ultrasound and serial blood pressure measurements and results review with a healthcare professional. Please expect the whole appointment to last 60-90 minutes.

  • No filming/recording is allowed in the clinic due to medical privacy laws and compliance.

  • You can rebook on-site if you are offered follow up

  • For more information about ultrasound in pregnancy, please visit Ultrasound: the basics (

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Non Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)

  • Bring Healthcare card and IDs

  • Do not need referral. Patient can self-refer.

  • Uncovered service. Price vary from USD 225 -CAD550. Blood work done on site for small fee. Please call to inquire.

  • NIPS is a maternal blood work screening for fetal T21, T18, T13 and sex chromosomes. Detection rate for T21 is >99%. Can be done anytime in the pregnancy after 10 weeks.

  • Results available in 5-7 business days

  • Duration of appointment is 30-45 min with RN.

  • Genetic counselling available as needed

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Other Appointments

Please ask front desk if there are any specific instructions or information. You can reach us at: 780-540-9940 or

*Direct Billing is available for most private insurance for wellness services

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